Dennis Miller says he was ready to hit Muslim man on plane

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Earlier this year, Fox News contributor Juan Williams lost his National Public Radio job for suggesting he was a little apprehensive when flying with Muslims, even 10 years after the 9/11 attacks.

Comedian and radio host Dennis Miller, however, took the sentiment to another level during Wednesday night’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor.”

While discussing the Republican presidential field, Miller abruptly said, “Billy, I just flew five hours from L.A. to New York next to Islamic kid who was in his 30s. I couldn’t even watch the movie. I just fantasized [about] hitting him in the head with an elbow if he went up.”

Miller also told O’Reilly that he no longer supports businessman Herman Cain’s bid for the White House, citing his perceived lack of knowledge about important issues, as displayed when he was asked about Libya during a meeting with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s editorial board.

“I might stop at Newt-ville. I might go to Planet Ron Paul. I have a feeling like everybody else I might end up at Romney Acres eventually,” Miller said. “But those are the three right now I think because of this: Romney makes it hard for them to hit. Newt hits back. And Ron Paul doesn’t even know he has been hit.”

O’Reilly said he doubted Miller would wade onto “Planet Ron Paul” because of the Texas congressman’s stances on foreign affairs. Miller responded that he would go with anyone who would beat President Barack Obama.


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