Glenn Close on politics: ‘We lack eloquent leadership’ [VIDEO]

Nicholas Ballasy | Senior Video Reporter

Actress and activist Glenn Close told The Daily Caller that she has become “cynical” about the political process, adding that America lacks “eloquent leadership.”

According to Federal Election Commission data, Close contributed to President Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008.


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When asked by TheDC if she is satisfied with Obama’s job performance, Close did not comment, saying that celebrities come to Capitol Hill and “very quickly lose their credibility.” She added, “I am kind of careful about that, you know, I’m an actor.”

However, Close compared former President Bill Clinton to today’s political leaders.

“I remember I was doing a show on Broadway on President Clinton’s first campaign and it was at Madison Square Garden that he gave his acceptance speech and I was with Richard Dreyfuss who is a big political maniac, and so we got the curtain to go up early so we could run down and hear President Clinton’s acceptance speech and I was deeply moved by it,” Close told TheDC after delivering the keynote address with her sister Jessie at the Mental Health HOPE Symposium in Washington Wednesday.

“It really gave me hope and I have to say that over the years I feel I’ve gotten a little cynical about our leaders and about the dysfunction in Washington and I’m not as apt to jump on some political bandwagon because I think it’s so packaged and you know it’s, we lack eloquent leadership and it’s what we desperately need as a country,” she said, adding that it was her hope “that someday they’ll be some sort of climate in this country that can bring forth great leaders again.”

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