Mark Levin on Occupy: ‘What are these pieces of crap contributing to society?’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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While the Occupy movement is fed up with the way the American economy is structured, on his Thursday night program, conservative talk show host Mark Levin made it clear he is fed up with the notion that they are speaking on behalf of the “99 percent.”

“Let me try this a little differently,” he said. “Rather than going through the list of crimes that have been committed, the sex acts, the horrendous sanitary conditions and so forth, let me try it this way. Joe Biden likes to say that we all need to have skin in the game. What’s the skin in the game with these people? Let me put it like a normal human being would, not Joe Biden. What are these people contributing to society? Don’t we have a right to ask? As a matter of fact, don’t we have a right to demand?  What are these pieces of crap contributing to society?”

Levin asserted that the movement was actually a drain on society and not a movement that was working for positive change.

“They’re wasting the cops’ time, time that could be spent chasing down other criminals,” Levin continued. “They’re draining the resources out of these cities, which barely have two nickels to rub together as it is. What have these people contributed to society? Why am I supposed to feel any connection with them whatsoever? Why should I identify with them, when I don’t identify with malcontents and miscreants who are crapping on their own sneakers?”

“I identify with the cops, not the perpetrators,” he concluded. “They have student loans that they owe. Well get off your ass and pay your damn student loans. If they’re ex-cons there, if they get arrested, throw them the hell in jail and the rest.”


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