TheDC Video Vault: Ron Paul debates Bill Buckley over abolishing CIA, FBI

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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While running as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for president in 1988, Ron Paul appeared on William F. Buckley’s “Firing Line.” There, the feisty libertarian doctor and the iconic founder of the National Review debated many issues, including whether the FBI and the CIA should be abolished, as Paul proposed.

The whole show is fascinating, but the debate over the FBI and CIA begins at 6:18 and continues into the second video. Also interesting to note, Paul’s fans back then were apparently as rabid — or, if you prefer, intensely passionate — in the pre-Internet age as they are in today’s plugged-in society. Buckley mentions at the beginning of the show that he had been deluged with mail urging him to bring Paul on the show.

“Our guest today is in any event welcome,” Buckley said opening the program, “but I should record that in 20 years I have not before been hectored by so many letters, in this case urging me to invite Dr. Ron Paul for this hour.”


The CIA, FBI debate continues:  

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