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Mickey Kaus Columnist
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‘Centuries-Old Clash of Species Underlies Ratio of Man Bites to Dog Bites’: It rained fairly heavily in Los Angeles on Sunday. A big section of coastal road in San Pedro collapsed and fell into the ocean, along with the cliff it was on. I know this because a dramatic picture of the damage appeared on the front page of Monday’s Los Angeles Daily News.

Try to find this story anywhere in Monday’s edition of the larger, more respectable Los Angeles Times. Go ahead. I couldn’t. Not even on the “LATextra” second front page, which seems designed as a place to put the actual news stories, the first front page being clogged with Pulitzer-wannabe thumbsuckers.

Three years after going into bankruptcy, the L.A. Times still doesn’t seem to know what business it’s in. Readers want to know when the roads they drive on collapse and fall into the sea.  But the Times wants readers to know what it thinks they should want to know. It’s not a newspaper. …

Update: They report the story a day late.  The second, smoothed-over draft of history. …

Mickey Kaus