Krauthammer: Frank’s retirement ‘best thing … he has ever done’ to prevent future economic crash

Jeff Poor Media Reporter

Retiring Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Barney Frank has had a long, storied career in the U.S. House of Representatives. And though some are saying he will be missed, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer is saying good riddance.

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Krauthammer took a swipe at Frank, who he holds partially responsible for the financial crisis that has been plaguing the U.S. economy.

“I think that is how you remember him, the man who said… these two entities Fannie and Freddie are not facing any kind of financial crisis,” Krauthammer said. “It was unaffordable housing. That’s what he was pushing and trying to deflect those who were trying to reign in the entities.”

Krauthammer described Frank’s retirement as a step toward preventing another economic crisis.

“Given the reward system in Washington, [the] man who was neglectful at least on the way up, gets to the author of the bill that is supposed to stop it from ever happening again,” he mused. “I would say that the best thing, most important thing he has ever done to prevent the crash ever happening again is what he did today — retire.”


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