Bachmann: Romney ‘championed the pro-abortion cause’

Paul Conner Executive Editor
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Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann knocked former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney on social issues in an interview with a South Carolina newspaper Tuesday.

“How will our nominee for the Republican Party be an individual who has not only championed the pro-abortion cause but also been a signer of 189 same-sex marriage licenses?” Bachmann told GreenvilleOnline.com’s Ben Szobody.

Bachmann also took aim at former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s immigration policy and past support for an individual health insurance mandate.

“He has a long history of standing for amnesty, for illegal aliens,” Bachmann told the paper. “He has the worst score of any of the candidates on immigration, he has a D-minus, and it’s because he stands for proposition that 11 million illegal alien workers should be made legal. That is not a popular position in the United States.”

In the recent CNN debate, Gingrich advocated allowing illegal immigrants with established families to stay in the U.S. and deporting those who are new to the country or have committed crimes.

He has since slammed the Department of Justice for its lawsuit against the state of South Carolina over a strict immigration law.

Bachmann also sought to lump Gingrich in with Romney as liberal on health care, saying that the former House speaker was the “grandfather” of the individual mandate, which requires people to buy some form of health insurance.

“That was his idea, the essence of Obamacare,” she said.

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