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McDonald’s gives supersize middle finger to city of San Francisco

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I don’t like McDonald’s. It’s yucky. So you know what I do? I don’t eat there. I use my freedom of choice, my freedom of choice.

But that’s not disco with Frisco. If you live there, you’re not capable of making such decisions for yourself or your family, so the city is intervening. SF Examiner:

Last year, San Francisco became the first major city to ban toys in fast-food meals for children unless the food meets specific nutritional guidelines, such as including at least half a cup of fruits and vegetables.

When the law goes into effect Thursday, the Department of Public Health will begin cracking down on restaurants to ensure compliance. But McDonald’s will simply sell toys for 10 cents instead of giving them away in Happy Meals that comply with the nutritional standards in the law, which was introduced by Supervisor Eric Mar.

Earlier this year, McDonald’s announced plans to sell healthier Happy Meals that include fewer french fries and contain apple slices and low-fat milk. But Mar said the Happy Meals still fall short of the nutritional standards, including not offering both fruits and vegetables.

“We have to keep the pressure on,” Mar said.

He said San Francisco’s local law did contribute to a “sea change” in the fast-food industry, with a number of companies announcing healthier options in their meals as the toy ban for unhealthy foods caught on nationwide.

Scott Rodrick, who owns 10 of the 19 McDonald’s franchises in San Francisco, said charging 10 cents for the toy is “complying with the letter of the law” while also providing “what our customers want.”

Proceeds from the toy sales will go toward construction costs of a Ronald McDonald House, which will provide temporary housing for families with ill children at the new UC San Francisco hospital at the Mission Bay campus.

Eric Mar obviously has a problem with private industry providing goods and services to people who choose to consume them. Does he have a problem with helping sick kids?

Well done, Ronald. No, not your disgusting burgers. Your refusal to bow to snack-fascists like Mar.

(Hat tip: Reason)

P.S. Meanwhile, guess which health foods America’s #1 Food Cop is wolfing down this time?

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