Limbaugh alleges White House could be behind Cain sex stories

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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It’s been a case of “whodunit” trying to figure out who distributed the initial sexual harassment allegations against GOP presidential contender and former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain.

Kenneth Vogel, a co-author of the original Cain story, declined to say if it was a rival campaign that tipped Politico off to the allegations last month. Cain suggested it was possible that Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign was behind it.

But Rush Limbaugh has a different theory that involves race. He unveiled the guess on his Thursday radio show.

“You know silly me, silly me,” Limbaugh said. “I just don’t think in racial terms first, second or third. But you know it is possible that all this Herman Cain stuff is coming from Obama — because what would constitute a threat, just like Clarence Thomas was a threat? Because he was conservative, the most powerful black man in the country — the Supreme Court justice, got where he got without one day being a Democrat, without bowing down to Jesse Jackson or anybody else, without using affirmative action.”

Limbaugh explained that based on his reasoning, it could have been President Barack Obama’s White House that called the media’s attention to the allegations made in the 1990s against Cain.

“And here comes Herman Cain,” he continued. “Let’s say he gets the nomination. Talk about a quandary for black voters. Talk about two pictures, one that that the Democrats wouldn’t want to have to deal with. So I could see after somebody points out the racial aspect. I say, OK maybe the White House would like to take Cain out and not take any chances whatsoever.”


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