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Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
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Gun clubs are a great place for a novice or experienced shooter. Most clubs have access to training, shooting ranges and are good places to ask question about concealed carry or what firearm to purchase. You will find people to be friendly and welcoming. Check out these organizations, give them a call or stop by.

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National Rifle Association
National Rifle Association Membership Discounted NRA Memberships
NRA Legislative Affairs
Alaska Outdoor Council
Arizona Rifle & Pistol Assn.
Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Assn.
California Rifle & Pistol Assn
Colorado Shooting Assn.
Connecticut Rifle & Revolver Assn.
Deleware State Sportsman Assn.
Flordia Sport Shooting Assn.
Georgia Sport Shooting Assn.
Hawaii Rifle Assn.
Idaho Rifle & Pistol Assn.
Illinois State Rifle Assn.
Indiana Rifle & Pistol Assn.
Iowa Rifle & Pistol Assn.
Kansas Rifle Assn.
Kentucky Rifle & Pistol Assn.
Louisiana Shooting Assn.
Maine Rifle & Pistol Assn.
Maryland Citizen Defense League
Maryland Rifle & Pistol Assn.
Massachusetts Gun Owners
Michigan Gun Owners
Michigan Rifle & Pistol Assn.
Minnesota Gun Owners
Minnesota Rifle & Revolver
Mississippi Firearm Owners
Missouri Sport Shooting Assn.
Montana Rifle & Pistol Assn.
Nevada Rifle & Pistol Assn.
New Hampshire Gun Owners
New Jersey Coalition for Self Defense
New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs
New Mexico Shooting Sports Assn.
New York Rifle & Pistol Assn.
North Carolina Grass Roots
North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Assn.
North Dakota Shooting sports Assn.
Ohio, Buckeye Firearms Assn.
Ohio Rifle & Pistol Assn.
Oklahoma Rifle Assn.
Oregon Shooting Assn.
Pennsylvania Rifle & Pistol Assn.
South Carolina Gun Owners
South Dakota Shooting Sports
Tennessee Shooting Sports
Texas State Rifle Assn.
Utah Rifle & Pistol Assn.
Vermont Federation of Sportsman
Virginia Citizen’s Defense League
Virginia Shooting Sports Assn.
Washington Rifle & Pistol Assn.
West VA Rifle & Pistol Assn.
Wisconsin Firearm Owners
Wyoming Shooting Assn.