Will: Cain had a ‘fundamentally disrespectful approach to the selection of presidents’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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In his regular appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Washington Post columnist George Will discussed the fate of former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, saying that Cain’s departure and Donald Trump’s relevance raise a larger issue pertaining to how to prevent the debate process from being “hijacked.”

“I think there’s an interesting contrast between Santorum’s fate and Cain’s fate,” Will said. “We want a process that allows a dark horse like Santorum — someone who has been seriously engaged in national politics — to gain traction, if he has time. Hence, a small state like Iowa should lead this process. I think, however, … both parties have to do some serious thought as whether they can develop some filter to prevent this process — particularly with mad proliferation of debates — from being hijacked by charlatans, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial charlatans.”

Will pointed at Cain, who he said had a “fundamentally disrespectful approach” to campaigns and said he was worried that with real estate mogul Donald Trump’s proposed splash into the debate process, it will be tainted.

“The one who dropped out — Mr. Cain, who used this as a book tour in the fundamentally disrespectful approach to the selection of presidents,” Will said. “Now we have a December 27 debate that would be moderated by Donald Trump. Surely it is time for these candidates to do something presidential: Stand-up and say, ‘We’re not going to be hijacked and participate in this.’”


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