Gingrich predicted he would win GOP nomination back in March 2011

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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According to radio host Rush Limbaugh, last week was not the first time former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said he was going to be the nominee, and has been predicting an easy primary win since at least May.

“Long before he officially announced his presidential run, he told me he’s going to run. He went through his agenda bullet point by bullet point,” Limbaugh said on his May 17 show.

Limbaugh said that, at the meeting, Gingrich detailed how he was thinking beyond the nominating process and already dismissing who at the time were thought be some of the favorites.

“And at that lunch, he practically said, ‘Now, I think I’ve already got the nomination wrapped up. I’m not worried about that. I’m looking beyond that to vice presidential running mates, policies and so forth and so on,’” Limbaugh said. “He was very, very confident that he’d already had it wrapped up. This is in the midst of Trump. I asked him about Mitch Daniels. ‘Ah, Mitch – don’t know about him running. Conventional wisdom is Mitch isn’t gonna run – his wife doesn’t like politics.’ So Mitch wasn’t going to run. ‘Romney can’t survive Romneycare.’ He went through all of this as to why he was almost the de facto, default winner of the nomination.”


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At the time, Limbaugh was pessimistic about Gingrich’s chances and said Romney was the favorite, but also gave Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann a favorable review as a 2012 contender.

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