Watch Mitt Romney call John Kerry a ‘flip-flopper,’ speak French [VIDEO]

Will Rahn Senior Editor
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Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has been attacked regularly this year for his perceived “flexibility” on major issues, but back in 2004 he was the one accusing others of “flip-flopping.”

Speaking to Iowa’s delegation to the Republican National Convention, Romney’s criticisms of then-Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry sound an awful lot like the charges his own campaign has had to swat away in recent months.

“I’ve tried to think why it is that he has changed so often, why he finds it so difficult to come down on one side of an issue. … I think the problem for those who look at John Kerry, for those who don’t understand how he can be so vacillating, it stems from the fact that he is very conflicted,” Romney said.

“He is drawn in two different directions, and very powerfully,” he continued. “If he’s with an audience, he wants to identify with and satisfy that audience and will say what he thinks they want to hear.”

The whole video, via Gawker, is below. And if that isn’t bad enough, enjoy a video of the would-be GOP nominee speaking French.


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