EA Prepares Its Biggest Attack On Zynga: SimCity For Facebook Is Coming (ERTS)

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Playfish’s entire China-based team is working on a version of Electronic Arts’ super-popular SimCity franchise for Facebook, Business Insider has learned.

It will go toe-to-toe with Zynga’s CityVille, the most popular game on Facebook that has held its spot for more than a year, according to AppData.

Multiple sources told us Sim City has been in development for more than a year. Electronic Arts started working on Sim City for Facebook around the time CityVille was in development.

When CityVille came out and quickly became the most popular game on Facebook, Electronic Arts had no choice but to “develop the hell out of Sim City” to make sure it was on par with Zynga’s city-building game, one source told us. Electronic Arts told the Playfish team in China to drop other games in development and work on Sim City.

Zynga had more time and resources to invest in CityVille than Electronic Arts did into Sim City, sources said. It had a huge marketing budget and a team of more than 100 people working on it. One source said EA’s priority was to make a social version of The Sims and it had “doubled down” on development and marketing for The Sims Social.

Playfish’s Norway- and San Francisco-based teams are working on social games that are completely new piece sof intellectual property for Electronic Arts, sources told us.

When we got in touch with Electronic Arts, but a spokesperson told us we were “on our own.”

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