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Inhofe puts the boot in global warming

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(Hat tip: Hot Air) It’s vulgar and uncharitable to gloat. Oh well!

And speaking of the self-appointed President of the Environment, The Hill reports:

If you plan on throwing a dinner party full of VIPs, whatever you do, don’t seat Bob Woodward next to Al Gore.

In a speech at the Organization for International Investment’s annual dinner at D.C.’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel on Thursday, the famed Washington Post journalist, who helped uncover the Watergate scandal, disclosed that he doesn’t enjoy the former vice president as a table mate.

Describing an event where he was paired up next to the monotone-talking ex-vice president, Woodward said, “Now, sitting next to Gore is taxing.”

After some laughs from the crowd, Woodward continued, “In fact, it’s unpleasant.”

I can only imagine. How many times in an evening can you hear, “You gonna finish that?”

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