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David Martosko Executive Editor
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On November 30 the European Central Bank released what Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan is calling an “unintentionally hilarious” video, celebrating the coming tenth anniversary of the Euro currency.

Yes, that Euro — the one that’s falling apart.

On Tuesday the Eurozone’s member banks dipped into emergency reserve funds for the equivalent of $50 billion in bailout help. President Obama is reportedly taking frenetic calls from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is meeting behind closed doors with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in an effort to stave off disaster.

But never mind that the Greek stock market has tanked like the Cleveland Browns, and could bring the entire European economy down with it. Forget the projected S&P downgrade of those bailout funds. And pay no attention to the threatened Europe-wide “transactions tax” that will soon make everyone’s purchases of brioche, cannoli and weisswurst more — well, more taxing.

Nope, everything in Europe is peachy! After all, says the video, Euro banknotes are hard to counterfeit, they’re available in all sorts of ATMs, they make it super-easy to travel, and they simplify price comparisons whether you’re in France, Italy, Finland or Greece.

In just a few months, those four countries’ old currencies — francs, lire, markka and drachmas — will officially become worthless. That is, unless the Euro beats them to it.

Watch the ironic Nov. 30 Euro-promotion video:

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