Limbaugh rips Holder’s ‘state of mind’ logic, applies it to accused Penn State pedophile [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Thursday, testifying before the House Judiciary Committee on the Operation Fast and Furious gun-walking scandal, Attorney General Eric Holder sparred with Wisconsin Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner over the definition of lying. The back-and-forth drew outrage from conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh during his Thursday program, who grew angry at the entire Obama administration in ways that he said he couldn’t even express.

“I am so enraged at Obama,” Limbaugh said. “I keep asking myself, what is the most effective way to express it to people without it arousing sympathy for this poor schlub? Or without making people mad at me? I can’t tell you. I literally cannot describe — it would require profanity for me to accurately tell you what I think of this, what he’s done, what he’s continuing to do. It infuriates me beyond my ability to express it.”

“This is perhaps the most corrupt administration we’ve had in my lifetime, and I’m including Nixon in this,” he said. “Nixon was a piker. Nixon could only dream of this kind of stuff because Nixon never had the media covering up for him. But I’m telling you, this is bad.”


“Right, you can’t lie unless you intend to,” Limbaugh continued. “It’s all about your state of mind. True, true. It can hold true for a rapist: ‘I thought she loved me.’ No, no — Sandusky: ‘Those boys loved me. Those boys begged for it. Those boys followed me. I loved those boys. Prove I’m lying. My state of mind wasn’t to abuse those kids. I loved those kids. You can’t accuse me of abuse. It wasn’t my state of mind.’”

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