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TheDC Morning: If you have confidence in Eric Holder, now’s the time to speak up

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1.) If you have confidence in Eric Holder, now’s the time to speak up — The Daily Caller continues to report on Eric Holder, even though he told us not to. Here’s his favorite person ever, our own Matthew Boyle:

“Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar’s office announced on Thursday morning that it has 75 cosponsors on its House of Representatives resolution of ‘no confidence’ in Attorney General Eric Holder’s ability to serve. Between the 59 congressmen demanding that Holder resign and those who have signed onto Gosar’s resolution, there are now a total of 85 members of Congress who don’t trust Holder in his office… The resolution alleges that Holder’s actions have proven the nation’s ‘top law enforcement official’ is not ‘competent, trustworthy and beyond reproach,’ and that he has sought to ‘cover up’ mistakes when they are made rather than cooperating with Congress ‘in disclosing the events and circumstances and transparently addressing the issues…’ The ‘no confidence’ resolution is a largely symbolic measure but is nonetheless a more official move than statements from members calling for Holder’s resignation.”

And as Boyle reports, they’re not alone:

“On the anniversary of his death, the family of slain Border Patrol agent Brian Terry released a strong statement calling for criminal charges to be pursued against those ultimately responsible for Operation Fast and Furious — the gun-walking program that led to Terry’s murder… ‘Our priority continues to be the successful arrest and prosecution of all the individuals involved in Brian’s murder. However, we will continue to press for answers and accountability from our government. Those responsible for such a misguided and fundamentally flawed operation must be held fully responsible for their decisions which allowed so many weapons to flow to the criminal element on both sides of the border. We now believe that if it can be shown that laws were broken, then all those responsible for Fast and Furious should be held criminally liable.'”

In other Fast & Furious news: the Brian A. Terry Memorial Act of 2011 passed the House unanimously, and Rick Santorum and Ron Paul have joined the chorus calling for Holder’s resignation. Holder doesn’t think you should know that.

2.) Arpaio admonished — What else is Eric Holder’s Justice Department up to these days? TheDC’s Caroline May reports:

“The Justice Department has the long knives out for ‘America’s toughest sheriff,’ Maricopa County, Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio. After a protracted three year investigation, DOJ announced Thursday that it had ‘reasonable cause to believe’ that Arpaio’s Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has been violating the Constitution and federal law by discriminating against Latinos. The Justice Department charges that Arpaio’s department has engaged in a pattern of ‘discriminatory policing practices’ that target Latinos for detention and arrest, retaliate against critics of the office’s practices and discriminate against Latino inmates.”

Enforcing immigration laws is racist. Obama 2012.

3.) North Korea even worse than previously imagined — What’s more distressing than learning there are North Korean slave labor camps in Siberia? Having to find out from Vice Magazine. TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein talked to Vice‘s Shane Smith about North Korean workers being “outsourced” to Russia, in what amounts to a modern-day slave ring:

“The Russians are making money. The North Korean state is making money. The companies using the slave labor are making money. Everyone is making money save the people actually doing the work. Long live the revolution!! … Some of the workers actually think they are still in concentration camps in DPRK [the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] even though they are thousands of miles away. Why? Because all they see are trees and villages that look EXACTLY the same as they do in DPRK. They have the same propaganda, the same newspapers, they have the same types of buildings, everything. It’s quite eerie actually.”

But remember: We’re the bad guys.

4.) Christopher Hitchens, R.I.P. — Sad news this morning. Jamie Weinstein:

“After his 2010 esophageal cancer diagnosis, Christopher Hitchens would explain to those who asked about his health that he was dying. ‘But so are you,’ he would add in typical Hitchens fashion. ‘I’m only doing it more rapidly.’ On Thursday at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Hitchens finally crossed the finish line, far too rapidly, at the age of 62. The world has lost not only one of the finest polemicists and essayists of his era, but one of the brightest wits and clearest and most resolute voices against tyranny.”

Rest in peace, Mr. Hitchens.

5.) Gaga removes remaining clothes for Tony Bennett — On a lighter, yet more horrifying note, TheDC’s Taylor Bigler reports:

“One lucky art collector will soon have a major conversation piece hanging in their living room: A nude sketch of Lady Gaga drawn by crooner Tony Bennett. The legendary singer and the wacky pop sensation had a Titanic moment when Gaga dropped her robe for the sketch, holding a cigarette — and only a cigarette. The drawing is being auctioned off on eBay for the singers’ charities — Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation and Bennet’s Exploring the Arts. The current bid is at $7,000. A quick glance at Bennett’s work shows a seasoned artiste who typically paints landscapes and sketches. Gaga appears to be his first nude.”

It would be very easy to make a “landscape” joke here, wouldn’t it? Yes, but that would be vulgar. Well, in light of this news, Andy Williams just bought a sketchpad and won’t stop calling Ke$ha.

6.) Today’s words of wisdom from Roseanne Barr’s Twitter feed — “every rep candidate is a pervert liar thief racist idiot & woman hater- debate my ass cheeks, losers.”

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