Infiltrating a Colorado ‘Occupy’ teach-in [VIDEO]

Kelly Maher Contributor
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The “occupiers” of Occupy CU Boulder left their Obamaville squatter camps on Dec. 9 to watch a ’60s-style “teach in” with University of Colorado professors — and Daily Caller roving video correspondent Kelly Maher was there to infiltrate the occupiers’ brain trust.

At the event, academics including economist Barry Clark, sociologist Colleen Hackett, and geographers Elizabeth Dunn and Joseph Bryan waxed philosophical about state repression and the wrong-headedness of the U.S. economy.

Clark stole the show, alleging that banks literally force people to go into debt, and complaining that “since 1980, it’s been an unapologetic policy of the U.S. government to be promoting wealth.” It all went downhill from there.


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Videography and editing by Drew McCullough

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