Obama campaign video encourages kids to be annoying this Christmas

Christopher Bedford Former Editor in Chief, The Daily Caller News Foundation
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The Obama 2012 campaign has a new video, “Home for the Holidays,” just in time for all the fresh-faced young folks to head home to their parents’ homes across the country.

The video features a diverse group of young’uns talking about their stubborn, old parents and grandparents, how they’re going to patiently affect their folks’ opinions over the holidays, and how you too can do the same. (RELATED: Young voters unenthusiastic about Obama’s re-election prospects)

After all, Barack Obama, says one fohawked young man, “was the politician of my generation.” And as a young blonde girl adds, “I saw what Barack Obama stood for — I saw he was a peoples’ man.” (RELATED: YAF study: Youth misery reaches all-time highs)

Their parents’ rap sheet is long and terrible, including a dad who voted for Bush twice, a 94-year-old grandma who has spent years saying “Ohh, Barack Obama!” in a mean way, and a dad who is “stubborn and stuck in his ways.” (RELATED: Baby boomers climb on GOP wagon)

But fear not — through Skype, email, text messaging and Facebook — these old fogies can be brought to the Obama team. (FLASHBACK: Chris Matthews on Obama 2012: Their idea of running a campaign is a virtual universe of sending emails around to people)

It won’t be easy to break the conversation from the Christmas usuals — family, food, football, mass unemployment and skyrocketing debt — but it is important if you love your family. (VIDEO: Biden: Without millionaire tax, ‘people die and people’s homes burn to the ground’)

“It’s a little bit difficult,” says the blonde girl, “but I love my family.”

“My parents are very stubborn,” warns a young man. “I imagine most of your parents are stubborn as well, so be patient.” (VIDEO: Obama to tea party: ‘You would think they’d be saying thank you’)

“It’s the conversations that can lead to some kind of change,” the audience is told in a hark back to the “hope and change” slogans of the Obama 2008 campaign.

But don’t take the ad’s word for it — get your facts from the president’s campaign speeches. “Read up on the issues,” the blonde girls says. “Look on YouTube for some of the president’s speeches. He just had a great speech in Kansas.” (RELATED: Nanny state: Obama takes hardline progressive stance in Kansas)

“You’re doing something great for the country,” she concludes. “And maybe they’ll see what you’re doing and want to follow.”

Or maybe you’ll just piss off grandpa. But he’s grumpy anyways, so go for it.




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