Psst! Don’t tell David Axelrod

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Don’t tell David Axelrod: The  EPA and the Department of Transportation predict stagnation for General Motors, with only 3% sales growth by 2025. Fiat/Chrysler is expected to shrivel by more than half.  As Truth About Cars says:

Who knows what the future holds, but it certainly is a bit troubling that the government’s own data suggests the two automakers it bailed out may well have some of the weaker performances of the next 14 years.

At this point, 3% growth for General Motors would be a relatively good outcome, no? Of course, there’s no guarantee that GM’s remaining jobs will be in the U.S. … P.S.: This sort of discordant official statement often prompts we-need-a-coordinated-policy demands from op-ed writers. If only the czar knew! But aside from political message control, there seems little reason not to let the EPA analysts make their best guess. …

Mickey Kaus