Billionaire shifts attention from Mets to Dodgers

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Steven A. Cohen, the billionaire hedge-fund manager, explored buying a minority stake in the Mets earlier this year. Now he wants to buy all of another marquee franchise, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

He joins a growing list of potential buyers that includes a group led by Magic Johnson; a second being formed by Peter O’Malley, the former Dodgers’ owner; a third that features the former Dodgers Orel Hershiser and Steve Garvey; Dennis Gilbert, a former player agent who is now a Chicago White Sox executive; Rick Caruso, a Los Angeles real estate developer, and several others.

Initial bids for the team are due Jan. 13 with a sale expected to be completed in April. The team filed for bankruptcy protection last June; the court is overseeing the sale of the team.

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