TheDC Interview: Adrian Parsons, who is starving himself for DC voting rights

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Adrian Parsons is hungry.

When The Daily Caller met up with him Thursday, he was 23 days into a hunger strike in support of voting rights in Congress for the District of Columbia. A liberal activist who associates with Occupy D.C., Parsons also expressed disenchantment with President Obama over the issue.


“Oh, in fact it has been very disappointing this past year,” he said when asked about the president’s stance on the issue he is currently risking his life over.

“He literally said to Congress I’ll give you D.C. in what was an exchange for I believe a pro-choice initiative that got taken off the D.C. initiative and, you know, we’re not a bargaining chip.”

Asked whether he will vote for the president in November, he said it “remains to be seen.”

Below, Parsons explains why he is starving himself, if he is willing to die for the cause of D.C. voting rights and what he plans for his first meal once he indulges in sustenance again. For good measure, TheDC also came bearing a gift — a pop tart.


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