Al Gore encourages voters to dismiss Ron Paul as a ‘silly’ candidate

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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The Iowa caucuses were discussed Tuesday evening on Current TV by network founder and former Vice President Al Gore, host Cenk Uygur and former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

Gore offered particularly harsh words for the presidential candidacy of  Texas Rep. Ron Paul, dismissing the libertarian favorite as a “silly” candidate.

Analyzing the returns, Gore said, “He does not have a ceiling in fantasy land, but in the real world when people take a look at his actual positions, when Republicans take a look on at his actual positions, come on.”

Americans’ frustration with the economic and political situation in the country was, Gore said, the only reason Paul would even been considered by voters.

“That all is part of a general attitude that you know, let’s just play 52-card pick up,” he mused, “let’s just up end things and do something radically different. And I think he does culturally, psychologically tap into that.”


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“At some point when people look seriously at what his positions are, I mean getting rid of the Federal Reserve,” Gore jeered. “Look, the wars are enormously unpopular, but bringing all the American troops home from no matter what the dangerous situations are? It’s so silly.”

Gore additionally claimed that Paul wasn’t being pummeled sufficiently for so-called “racist” passages in newsletters from the 1980s, which Paul claims he did not write.

“Well what about the letter he signed — not just a newsletter with his name on it, which I think is still the basis for questions he has to answer, but the letter he signed warning — warning about the coming race war?” Gore said. “Didn’t he? Who gives him a pass on that? I don’t get it.”

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