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Shorter Eugene Robinson: “I didn’t mean to offend the Santorums by laughing at their dead baby”

I didn’t think it was possible for Robinson to sink any lower. Call me an optimist.

Robinson: “And that was, uh, that was obviously not the right way to say what I was trying to express, but, whuh, uh, so, uh, I didn’t, I certainly didn’t mean to offend anybody, uh, especially, um, uh, Mr. Santorum, but, I, uh, it was in a discussion of his views, uh, and, y’know, which I consider extreme, uh, and Santorum himself, who is, uh, a cultural, cultural warrior extraordinaire, uh, whose, whose, whose faith, and, and we all appreciate someone of, of deep faith, um, but it is, it is extremely deep and, and, and it’s a kind of, of faith that some people, I think are going to, um, be, if not surprised by, at least, um, wanna know more about.”

Wow. Well, in fairness to Robinson, I don’t think I could’ve done a better job of dancing around it if I ever mocked the way somebody mourned their dead child.

To Scarborough’s credit, he did get Robinson to admit that many grief counselors recommend exactly what the Santorums did. It would’ve been nice if he had then made Robinson try to explain what in the world it has to do with Santorum’s “extreme views,” or asked him to make an actual apology, but I suppose there’s only so much we can ask of Joe Scarborough.

P.S. Patterico: “What Robinson has done, and what Colmes did the other day, is indecent.”