Bigger than Jesus

Josh Peterson Tech Editor
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During the month of December, Google search users showed a higher interest in news stories about Ron Paul and Justin Bieber than Denver Bronco’s quarterback Tim Tebow, but there was one person the inspirational quarterback gained a lead over: Jesus.

A look at Google Insights for Search, which rates web user search interest on a scale of 0-100, revealed that during the month of December (the Christmas season) that Tebow surpassed the Christ-child in user web searches twice: Once on December 12, and once on December 18.

Jesus, however, rallied in time for His birthday (“Christmas”). On December 25, Jesus beat Tebow by 82 points.

Teenybopper sensation Justin Bieber — thanks to a devoted fan-base called “Beliebers,” known for their refusal to stop “beliebing” — leads Paul, Tebow and Jesus in Google user web search interest.

Paul, however, currently leads the four person division in user news search interest. Search user interest in news stories about Paul steadily increased over the past 12 months, first surpassing Bieber in May 2011, and then again at the beginning of August 2011. Bieber retook the lead during the first week of November, but Paul reclaimed it in mid-November and has not looked back since.

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