DNC e-stalks Romney, ignores others

Neil Munro White House Correspondent
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The Democratic Party’s attack machine is compulsively obsessed with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

Since Jan 1, the Democratic National Committee and its subsidiaries have fire-hosed 34 anti-Romney emails into the The Daily Caller’s mailboxes.

His fellow GOP candidates can’t get hate, nor even love, from the DNC’s messaging architects.

The anti-Romney pitch is being broadcast via many channels by President Barrack Obama’s re-election team, which shows every indication that it most fears Romney, partly because he does well as among swing-voting, upper-income people. “Romney is the one they don’t want,” MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell told BreitbartTV during a New Hampshire interview. “They know they can beat anybody else. Romney, they think they can beat, but it’s a harder campaign.”

The most notable change within the DNC’s gusher is the gradual decline of the “flip-flop” charge, and the emergence of a “Mitt Romney will say anything to get elected” theme. That new pitch comes packaged with a pen-and-ink drawing from the 1989 John Cusack teen-throb movie “Say Anything.”

The new theme is intended to help Democrats combine their discordant claims that Romney is a populist flip-flopper and also an out-of-touch elitist.

The new theme has been included in six DNC messages since Jan 7. Its only prior appearance was back in October.

However, the DNC’s message mavens have yet to reconcile their simultaneous claims that Romney is both a say-anything compromiser and an extremist whose statements will alienate broad segments of the voting public.

The other GOP candidates barely get an insult in the DNC’s diatribes.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been cited in just five emails since Jan 1, each of which was principally focused on Romney. On Jan. 3, for example, Perry was mentioned in an email who subject was “Wasserman Schultz says Romney carries `baggage’ out of Iowa.”

Former Senator Rick Santorum also received mentions in five DNC messages, but they too were focused on Romney.

House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a seminal Democratic Party hate-figure, was similarly mentioned in eight DNC messages, all including Romney’s name in the subject line.

Huntsman was cited in just one message, but only because he too was criticizing Romney. The DNC email cited Huntsman’s criticism — “We became the top job creator in the country. Mitt in Massachusetts was number 47” — but didn’t venture anything negative about the second Mormon in the race for the GOP presidential nomination.

The flood of emails mentioned Rep. Ron Paul only once, with the DNC passing on a Florida newspaper’s claim that Paul, Santorum and Romney were all “very extreme” on immigration issues. The DNC did not explain which candidates were merely “extreme” on urging implementation of existing immigration law.

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