In a new ad, Huntsman fires back at Romney for knocking his service as ambassador

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Jon Huntsman’s campaign is capitalizing on his debate skirmish with Mitt Romney, which began Saturday night, and continued during Sunday morning’s debate.

On Saturday night, Romney criticized Huntsman for serving in the Obama administration. The attack seems to have fallen flat. A Frank Luntz focus group, which aired on Fox News Sunday, pretty clearly demonstrates that most Granite Stater’s don’t think Huntsman has anything to apologize for (when asked if his service bothered them, zero hands went up).

What is more, this has given Huntsman a boost — raising his profile just days before the New Hampshire primary.

Seeking to capitalize on the moment, Huntsman-backer Tom Ridge emailed supporters last night — asking them to raise $100k by noon today — in order to air this new ad.

According to a Huntsman aide, the campaign has already exceeded that amount, taking in north of $112,000.

Matt K. Lewis