Obama’s cousin: President shouldn’t ‘destroy our country’ [VIDEO]

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According to the latest Rasmussen presidential tracking poll, 53 percent of American voters say they at least somewhat disapprove of President Obama’s job performance. And you can count Obama’s cousin, Milton R. Wolf, among them.

In a video Wolf made exclusively for The Daily Caller, the board-certified diagnostic radiologist and medical director waxes about the president’s recent boast that he led the charge to provide Americans with a two-month, year-end extension of former President George W. Bush’s payroll tax cuts. Obama bragged in December speeches that he had delivered, on average, a $40 tax cut for every working American.

Big whoop, Wolf says.

“Forty dollars … is enough money to tip your beach waiter serving you piña coladas — at least on one of the 17 days of your Hawaiian vacation. Forty dollars can buy at least one phony ACORN signature on an Indiana primary petition.

“Forty dollars can buy the entire DVD boxed set of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s sermons — just in case you’ve missed any over the last 20 years. Forty dollars can buy a couple cartons of cigarettes for your Chicago friends, Blago and Rezko. They may come in handy where they’re going.”


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“No president,” Wolf states, “should destroy our country with socialized medicine, bank bailouts and a failed trillion-dollar shovel-ready stimulus.”

“He should stop bowing to foreign leaders. It just makes America look weak. Plus,” he jokes, “it draws attention to his skinny legs.”

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