In NH victory speech, Mitt acts like he’s already won nomination

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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MANCHESTER, N.H. — You’d think Mitt Romney had already won the Republican nomination from his victory speech here on Tuesday night.

After declaring a win in the New Hampshire primary, Romney didn’t even reference his Republican rivals or the nomination battle still ahead. Instead, he used his election night address to supporters to immediately rip into President Obama in a speech that sounded like the general election is already on. (RELATED: Full election coverage from New Hampshire)

“We remember when Barack Obama came to New Hampshire four years ago,” Romney said. “He promised to bring people together. He promised to change the broken system in Washington. He promised to improve our nation.”

The former governor of Massachusetts went on to say that “today, we are faced with the disappointing record of a failed President. … The last three years have held a lot of change, but they haven’t offered much hope.”

With Romney’s victory in Iowa last week, he has now won the first two primary contests, something that has not been accomplished by a non-incumbent in modern political history.


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