Justin Bieber talks sex, drugs and Michael Jackson

taylorbigler Contributor
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At the age of 18 most of us were planning to leave home for the first time while popstar Justin Bieber, who is two months shy of the benchmark birthday, has sold out concerts worldwide, worked with some of the music industry’s hottest artists and already survived his first sex scandal.

His teenage years have been filled with experiences that very few can call their own, but despite working in a grown up world, Bieber tells V magazine, he’s in no rush to say goodbye to his childhood.

“People need to know I’m not a kids anymore, but at the end of the day, I’m not completely grown-up,” he admits. “I’m still learning, I’m going to grow up how I grow up. I’m not going to try to conform to what people want me to be or go out there and start partying, have people see me with alcohol.”

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