Palin understands Newt’s populist anti-Romney crusade

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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One of the big stories surrounding Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary was the use of populist attacks against former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Leading the charge against Romney — and labeling him a “vulture capitalist” — are former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Tuesday evening that Romney’s win was “not a real earth-shattering result.”

“I think Ron Paul’s showing was a bit more of a surprise and then I think people are having tuned in to his speech about free markets and capitalism,” she said. “I think he’s going to shift a little bit of the debate going forward in the next couple of days, away from sort of an anti-capitalist mantra that we’ve been hearing the last two days into what it is the GOP really represents with free markets.”

However, the 2008 vice presidential nominee said she didn’t blame Gingrich and others for critiquing Romney’s leadership of Bain Capital, especially considering tough attacks launched by Romney against Gingrich in Iowa.

“This isn’t bean bag,” she said. “I don’t blame Newt Gingrich and others who had come out on offense swinging against the front-runner because they had just faced millions and millions of dollars in attack ads in Iowa. And they’d just come off that there.”


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Palin added that she didn’t see anyone dropping out after the New Hampshire results, and said it would be on to South Carolina and possibly Florida for all the candidates.

“All of them have money in the coffers,” she said. “So, financially speaking none of them will be forced to drop out at this point, whereas Michele Bachmann was a different story when her money started drying up.”

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