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Happy Anniversary, us!

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That’s right, the Daily Caller launched two years ago today. And in honor of this wonderful occasion, I’ve prepared a very special… umm…

Okay, so I didn’t actually prepare anything. I forgot all about it until just now, actually. Errrrrr… how about this?

Yeah! So that just happened.

Well, to the extent that I’m capable of experiencing happiness, I’m happy that we’ve hit the Terrible Twos. You didn’t even think we’d last a year, did you? Ha ha, it’s been twice that long! Which makes you the big dummy. You are.

Our big story the very first day was White House gatecrasher Carlos Allen:

Have you heard from Carlos Allen since then? No, you haven’t. You’re welcome, America!

So that was my big anniversary post. Sorry. Okay, okay, next year I’ll remember, I promise. I’m marking my calendar right now: January 11, 2013. Okay? Can we just let this go now? Sheesh…

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