Michelle Makes It Worse

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Michelle Obama’s thin skin is the best thing to happen to Jodi Kantor’s new book, as John Hudson notes. …  Mrs. Obama may not fit “angry black woman” stereotype she’s complaining about, but she’s confirming the “over-adored political wife who can’t stand bad press” stereotype, no? Kantor’s book, from all accounts, is by and large good press for the Obamas. Not good enough, apparently. .. P.S.: This view–that Michelle Obama is making bad press out of good press–is the press corps CW. I wouldn’t be surprised if pieces like Hudson’s won’t at some point be encouraged by concerned White House politicos who want to get a message to Mrs. Obama (that she’s engaged in textbook counterproductive PR) but are unable to say this to her face. … She doesn’t “have conversations with [her] husband’s staff,” remember! … P.P.S: And remember, if you want to dispel the impression that you are an “angry black woman,” grouse about it to Gayle King! …

Mickey Kaus