Krauthammer: Yes, Tim Tebow does have ‘a direct line to God’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Saturday night, the Denver Broncos will play the New England Patriots in Foxboro, Mass. in what is expected to be the highest rated non-Super Bowl NFL game ever. One of the reasons behind the hype: the success of Broncos starting quarterback Tim Tebow, who has created a huge fan base in recent months.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed by Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, who marveled at Tebow during his “Friday Lightning Round” pick of the week on the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report.” His pick had won an online poll among “Special Report” viewers.

“My pick, and I want to say how humbled I got from the viewers and I want to congratulate my opponents on a clean campaign — my pick is ‘Does Tebow have a direct line to God?’” Krauthammer said. “Yes, he told me so, God did — but in a written statement. I love this guy. I’m in love with this story.”

But Krauthammer said the best part of the Tebow story was the backlash against him by the so-called “secular types.”

“And I think the best element is that the secular types are getting all in a twist over him,” Krauthammer continued. “Relax, enjoy it. He threw, remember for 316 yards exactly.”


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