Mark Steyn for ‘Dancing with the Stars?’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Hugh Hewitt’s Thursday radio show, National Review columnist Mark Steyn challenged the notion that George Stephanopoulos’s strange line of debate questioning last Saturday night was inspired by a drive for ratings.

Steyn suggested that if ABC was indeed pushing for ratings, the format would be something along the lines of the network’s “Dancing with the Stars” program. That suggestion gave host Hugh Hewitt “a wonderful inspiration”: for Steyn to be a competitor on “Dancing with the Stars.”

The conversation quickly turned to another pundit’s appearance on the program, The Daily Caller’s editor in chief Tucker Carlson. His appearance, of course, left much to be desired by the critics:

HEWITT: You know, you have just given me a wonderful inspiration, which is I think I’m going to lead a demand Mark Steyn be invited to “Dancing with the Stars.” Can you dance?
STEYN: Don’t do that.
HEWITT: No, no, I think…
STEYN: Before you do that, Hugh, get out the tape of Tucker Carlson’s appearance.
HEWITT: But I think you could carry it off with panache and humor. Can you dance?
STEYN: Well, I couldn’t do worse than Tucker. He spent half his number sitting down on a chair while this exotic lady in a skimpy dress danced around his chair. I think he thought it was Lap Dancing With The Stars. He didn’t think he had to get on his feet.

Hewitt mentioned that his show’s regular segment with Steyn regularly appears on The Daily Caller on Fridays , and that Steyn’s criticism of Carlson’s appearance might change that.

HEWITT: You know, I think this might be the first interview with Mark Steyn that does not get excerpted on the Daily Caller by Jeff Poor.
STEYN: Yeah, transcribe this, Jeff!
HEWITT: All right, I’ve got to go. Background for the audience, The Daily Caller always takes a grab of this interview for their Friday Sheet from Jeff Poor, and that’s Tucker Carlson’s internet site if you don’t get it.


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Nonetheless, Steyn at the end of the segment said he would be open to the idea of participating on “Dancing with the Stars,” with some conditions.

HEWITT: Yes, and I will close by simply saying I am now very fond of my “Dancing with the Stars” idea. And so you’re in trouble, Mark Steyn, because I think you can dance. You can sing. You must have, have you ever done any dancing?
STEYN: Yeah, I’ll … if you do, if you pull this off, Hugh, I will dance with Tucker, but I have to lead, okay?
HEWITT: All right, I’ll tell him that. Mark Steyn, thank you…not that there’s anything wrong with that. www.steynonline.com, America, for everything that Mark Steyn has written. “Dancing with the Stars” must hear from conservative America that the hour has come for Mark Steyn on the big stage. I think he can win. And it would be about the funniest episodes every in the cross chat at the end.

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