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Mike D takes down Shortz

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I only watch The Colbert Report every once in a blue never, but I “peeped” this at the Onion AV Club and decided to “bust” it and so forth because I “got it like that”:

I like Mike D. You might find his obvious cue-card reading distracting, but I think it’s charming. (Is he okay these days? I hadn’t heard anything. Is he just doing Atkins or something?)

Too bad noted language expert Ad Rock couldn’t make it. He is, after all, the king of Boggle.

Anyway, Will Shortz is from my hometown of Crawfordsville, IN, which might explain his relative unfamiliarity with hip-hop slang. No offense, C-ville, but the Bronx you ain’t. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

P.S. Apparently The Daily Show was funny yesterday too? I suppose it’s not impossible.

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