Mitt Romney opens his wallet for unemployed SC woman

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As a candidate who has raised tens of millions of dollars during his presidential campaign, Mitt Romney did something unusual Saturday while shaking hands after an event in Sumter, South Carolina. He opened his wallet and handed unemployed Ruth Williams some cash. Williams would not say how much money Romney gave her but campaign aides say it was between $50 – 60.

The fifty-five year old Columbia, S.C. resident has been unemployed since last October and says she saw Romney’s bus on I-26 January 11 and followed it to the airport because the “Lord told me to.” Romney was not on the bus and en route to the Palmetto state from his recent victory in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary but his aides told her to go to their Columbia headquarters and a rally later that night.

It was at the rally that Williams says she met Governor Romney. “He was kind to me. He stopped doing everything,” Williams told reporters in Sumter. Since then Williams says she’s been at the Columbia campaign offices “cleaning and doing other things” to help out as well as following Romney around the state.  Williams told reporters she has not been paid for her time spent at campaign headquarters and Romney aides have not responded to questions by Fox News as to whether or not Williams has received payment.

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