Newt’s campaign taunts Romney on tax returns

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Now that Newt Gingrich plans to release his tax returns for the public to see, his campaign is taunting former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to do the same.

Through Twitter, Gingrich’s press secretary R.C. Hammond on Sunday asked a Romney spokeswoman, “what day this week works for Governor Romney to release his tax returns?”

In the message to Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul, Hammond added: “We are free any day ending in ‘y.’”

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, Gingrich said he will release his tax returns Thursday — before Saturday’s South Carolina primary — and said, “Gov. Romney, if he plans to stay in the race, ought to” do the same.

Despite liberal groups hounding the wealthy presidential candidate on the issue, Romney has said he has no immediate plans to release his filings.

But responding to Gingrich’s call on Sunday, Saul told USA Today that Romney will “look at the question of releasing tax returns during the next tax filing season.”

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