Top ten: funniest Golden Globes tweets

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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It was an astoundingly boring show. Like most viewers, I was mainly paying attention when host Ricky Gervais was talking. But here are the best mocking tweets of the night:

10. EricStangel: George Clooney wins Best Actor at #GoldenGlobes. Nice to see things finally going his way…

9. kristenschaaled: I know 2 Globes that didn’t show up: Ricky Gervais’ BALLS! Not rude enough! #goldenglobes

8.  JoshMalina: Kelsey Grammer should have pre-thanked his next wife. #GoldenGlobes

7. piersmorgan: Sorry, but I just don’t believe Johnny Depp talks in that absurd voice when he’s at home. #GoldenGlobes

6. realjeffreyross: Ricky Gervais offends everybody. Especially orthodontists. #GoldenGlobes

5. DannyZuker: Based on the hype I’ll be disappointed if Ricky Gervais does anything less than urinate on a table of movie stars. #GoldenGlobes

4. greggutfeld: Madonna’s arms fighting for attention from Madonna’s breasts.

3. cancer_cluster: When’s the show where garbage men gives [sic] awards to other garbage men? #garbageglobes

2. andylevy: Win or lose, can we all just take a moment to salute the bravery of everyone in the room tonight? #GoldenGlobes

1. MoRocca: Madonna is from the Mayfair section of Detroit.

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