Trump to GOP field: ‘Beat Barack Obama, not yourselves’ [VIDEO]

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Real estate mogul Donald Trump took to YouTube on Monday afternoon — as reputed billionaires are wont to do — to deliver a message to the Republican field: Stop beating up on each other and focus on beating President Barack Obama.

In a “From the Desk of Donald Trump” video message, Trump, who has hinted at a third party run, urged the five Republican presidential candidates left in the race to “keep it civil” and not provide Obama with any extra ammunition in the general election.

“The Republican candidates are getting very, very nasty with one another. It’s got to stop,” he said. “They are playing right into Obama’s hands. We must defeat Obama. We don’t want him to use all of this stuff to win the election — we can’t afford to have him for another four years.”



According to Trump, the candidates are free to campaign but they need to do it in a smart way.

“So let them fight, let them go out and campaign, let them do whatever they have to do, but the fact is the things that are being said are bad and they are wrong,” he said. “They’ve got to at least get along a little bit. Keep it civil, keep it going. And you really have to stay with the principles of Republicans and conservatives if you are going to beat this president.”

Trump concluded by saying that the nation is going downhill and that it is incumbent upon those in the race to focus on beating Obama, not beating each other up.

“We have a big problem in this country: The world is taking advantage of the United States. We soon will not be a great nation anymore,” said Trump. “Beat Barack Obama, not yourselves.”

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