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Glorious leader seizes Bank of America stadium for the proletariat

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Or: Obama Occupies Bank of America.

If there’s one bit of valuable knowledge we can take away from the last few months, it’s that bankers are evil and must be destroyed. And what better way to undermine them than to take over their symbols of wealth and power, using them for a 99% higher purpose?

The Charlotte Observer:

On the final night of this fall’s Democratic National Convention, President Barack Obama will deliver his acceptance speech at Bank of America stadium, party sources told the Observer on Monday night…

The move, which would open the speech to the public, is designed to help mobilize voters in North Carolina, a key swing state. It could also serve as a perk to donors, who could be rewarded with skybox seats…

Last week, Bloomberg News reported that the convention was considering the stadium for Obama’s acceptance speech. Quoting sources involved in convention fundraising, Bloomberg said the move would allow officials, struggling to raise money, to sell skyboxes to donors…

However, the choice of Bank of America stadium for the speech may give ammunition to critics of the bank, which received a federal bailout after the 2008 financial crisis and also angered consumers with a proposed, though later dropped, $5 monthly debit-card transaction fee.

“It doesn’t matter whose name is on the stadium,” one of the party sources said. “President Obama has a record to run on holding Wall Street accountable, and there will be no doubt which candidate in the race is willing to stand up to Wall Street.”

That’s right! He’s standing up to Wall Street by using one of its most prominent symbols to raise funds. But they’re good funds, because they’re going to him, unlike the bad funds that go to Republicans and other vermin. He’s fighting the system from within and stuff. Right?

Obama 2012: Presented by Bank of America

P.S. As the mighty Iowahawk puts it: “Wealthy donors to fete President Downgrade from skyboxes of taxpayer-built stadium named for bailed-out bank… When President Classy McWarfare gives his acceptance speech at the Bailout Bowl, this time he can use REAL Greek columns. #nomorestyrofoam”