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Gingrich libeled vilely: Just 41 weeks and 4 days of this crap left to go, folks…

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Didn’t think the 2012 campaign had sunk low enough yet? Hang onto your hats. CNN:

In what appears to be a last ditch attempt to halt Newt Gingrich’s late momentum in South Carolina, a fake CNN Breaking News alert was emailed to state Republican activists early Thursday morning claiming that the former House Speaker pressured his ex-wife to have an abortion.

CNN did not send out the email alert…

The email alert was sent from fake account made to look like a CNN breaking news email address: “BreakingNews@mail.cnn.com.”

“A source close to Marianne Gingrich tells CNN that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich forced her to abort a pregnancy conceived during the affair that preceeded her marriage to Gingrich,” the fake email reads…

Is the as-yet-unknown author of this e-mail trying to garner sympathy for Gingrich? Trying to provide even more ammo for his “Me vs. the liberal media and other dirty tricksters” strategy? Is it somebody from one of the other campaigns, or just some prankster? Should we wait for the “Baba Booey”?

Whoever it is, it looks like yesterday’s “bombshell” is turning out to be a dud anyway. Well, they gave it a try, at least. If you’re gonna get down in the muck, really slog in there up to your armpits and wallow like you mean it. After all, it’s not like these are human beings we’re talking about, right?

P.S. A second phony e-mail was sent out this afternoon, this one claiming to be from Newt’s campaign itself. The domain the fake e-mail was sent from was only registered this morning.

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Jim Treacher