Limbaugh warns Newt not to overplay the ‘ripping on the media’ card

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his Monday radio show, Rush Limbaugh advised former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to stop using his hobbyhorse to rip on the media publicly, although many have credited the tactic for his win in the South Carolina primary.

“This presents a huge stumbling block potential for Newt,” Limbaugh said. “He is vulnerable on the very thing he can do better than anybody else. He had better fully embrace his conservatism and not make it a part-time thing. The days of being able to keep this momentum going by ripping on the media are over. The standing ovations for taking on the media are over, or they have very short lifespan.””

Limbaugh explained that Gingrich should focus on his own vulnerabilities, specifically where he has embraced activism for liberal causes.

“Newt keeps pushing off any questions on his anti-conservative statements, and he better not,” Limbaugh warned. “I think Newt is just as vulnerable on his anti-conservatism as Romney is on RomneyCare. ‘What do you mean by that, Rush?’ It’s very simple. Newt has made it very plain two or three times that is open to the concept of global warming… Newt has in the past had some unflattering things to say about capitalism. His time at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is a vulnerability saying FDR was the best president and his favorite president. That doesn’t jibe with being a conservative.”

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