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There’s no better way to prove somebody wrong than to throw stuff at him

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Glitterbombing is so 2011, but some people still haven’t gotten the memo. The Orlando Sentinel reports (all typos in the original):

2012 Republican presidential contender Rick Santorum’s town hall meeting in Lady Lake ended with an unexpected twist, Monday afternoon, when two protesters rushed the stage, throwing glitter and shouting at the candidate. The pair where promptly pounced on by Secret Service and Lake County Sheriff’s deputies. Santorum showed no reaction to the disruption and went on to meet and greet supporters before departing to Tampa for Monday night’s debate.

Here’s one of the brave truth-to-power-speakers:

Seems like a reasonable enough fellow.

This happened Saturday night as well. Hey, remember all those Tea Partiers who threw stuff at people they didn’t like? If so, could you please remind the rest of us?

P.S. GOProud Executive Director: Glitter bombing the “stupidest thing I’ve seen in politics”

P.P.S. Speaking of unhinged rage that’s okay because Republicans are bad: Chris Rock asked questions about Gingrich, smashes camera.