Alveda King: Defund Planned Parenthood, MLK was pro-life [VIDEO]

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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Alveda King, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.‘s niece, told The Daily Caller that Planned Parenthood should not receive any taxpayer funds and that her uncle opposed abortion. She encouraged President Barack Obama to watch films like “Blood Money” that show the high levels of genocide caused by abortion.

“It’s very clear that even if none of the three-plus million that goes to Planned Parenthood from the tax dollars every year [directly funds abortions], it enables them to use other dollars because they’re being enabled by that tax grant so I do not believe that Planned Parenthood should receive any money from the taxpayers of America,” she told TheDC after appearing at Republican Rep. Allen West’s “Conservative Black Forum” on Capitol Hill.

“There are so many other programs that are in dire need that would be life-affirming. My uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was pro-life. He was not pro-abortion. His wife accepted an award from Planned Parenthood in the 1960s but Martin did not and so I come from a pro-life legacy.”

Addressing President Obama’s support for abortion rights, King said, “I never try to speak for President Obama. He’s charged to lead this country. I’ve sent him open letters and I believe that he also should perhaps see films like ‘Maafa 21’ and ‘Blood Money’ that shows the high levels of genocide.”

King continued, “Abortion is bad, bad, bad business that hurts our economy, it hurts our families and it hurts the babies and the mothers and so I think the question needs to be re-examined. We all are interested in human rights but life begins at conception until natural death.”

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