Romney picks up endorsement from Memphis Tea Party

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Though many tea partiers across the country have expressed frustration that Mitt Romney hasn’t made much of an effort to get to know them, one well-known tea party group announced on Monday that they’re backing him in the Republican presidential race.

The former governor of Massachusetts picked up the support of The Memphis TEA Party, the group’s chairman, Mark Skoda, said on Monday.

“The tea party movement is a big tent and many states lie ahead to the final nomination,” he said. “We believe Mitt Romney is the best candidate to contend with Barack Obama in the general election.”

“He has the skill, the organization and the resources to win back the presidency and begin to align the government with those three core principles of the movement,” Skoda continued. “We are pleased to endorse his candidacy.”

Skoda, a radio host, may be familiar to a national audience because of the large role he played in helping to organize the much-covered Tea Party National Convention in Nashville in 2010.

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