Acura Super Bowl ad brings back Seinfeld, Soup Nazi

Alex Myers Contributor
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Those 30-second Super Bowl XLVI television ads were sold out before Thanksgiving — at an average price of $4 million each. And Acura is gambling on an ad featuring Jerry Seinfeld, the Soup Nazi, and Jay Leno.

Cinema Blend reports that the spot shows Seinfeld absolutely needing the new Acura NSX, but someone else already has “dibs” on it.  This unfortunate news leads to Jerry trying to make a single transaction using absolutely all of his resources.

“Seinfeld” fans will be pleased with the presence of the Soup Nazi. Wearing a jet pack, “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno will appear instead of Jerry’s arch-nemesis Newman.

You’ll have to wait until Sunday to see the 30-second ad, but Acura has released a two-minute extended version already.