Gingrich sued over campaign music

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Newt Gingrich will need to summon “his will to survive” to face this latest roadblock.

The former speaker of the House was hit with a lawsuit Monday in Illinois over the use of the Grammy-winning song, “Eye of the Tiger,” at campaign events.

The 1980s tune is most famous as the theme song to “Rocky III.”

Frank Sullivan, co-author of the Survivor song and owner of record label Rude Music, Inc., filed suit against Gingrich and his campaign for unauthorized use of the song at campaign rallies, Bloomberg reports.

“Newt 2012’s and Mr. Gingrich’s unauthorized public performance or inducement of or contribution to the public performance of the copyrighted work infringes Rude Music’s copyright,” the suit alleges.

Sullivan is also seeking unspecified monetary damages.

Gingrich isn’t the first GOP candidate to face problems over campaign rally music.

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In 2011, Tom Petty sent a cease and desist letter to Michele Bachmann’s campaign to stop using his popular song “American Girl.”

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Foo Fighters and John Mellencamp both asked Arizona Sen. John McCain to stop using their music.

Last year, McCain settled out of court with singer Jackson Browne for using “Running on Empty” in his campaign.

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