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Survivor doesn’t want Newt to ruin their big comeback

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No, not the TV show Survivor. The band. Survivor is the name of a band. They were around before the TV show. Seriously, they were.


Newt Gingrich is being sued by the company which owns the rights to the 1982 song, “Eye of the Tiger” — claiming Newt had no right to use it as part of his campaign.

Rude Music Inc. — owned by a member of the band Survivor — filed the suit today in federal court in Illinois … claiming Newt has jacked the song made famous in “Rocky III” to push his political agenda.

And because he’s a Republican, he doesn’t get to use their song regardless of whether he’s obtained the licenses to do so. Back in ’08, the McCain campaign got the licenses to use Heart’s “Barracuda,” but Heart still made a fuss. It doesn’t matter if you obey the law and play by the rules if a liberal just doesn’t like you.

And now, the 30-year-old song at issue, at least until they make me take it down:

I kind of liked Survivor. They were like Toto for people who didn’t want to rock quite so hard.

(Hat tip: Big Hollywood)

P.S. At least Newt didn’t try to sing it.